Taking care of the family and you!

School is back in full swing and we are all having to adjust to the change. Now is the time to bring the kids in for back to school checks! We can also help with posture checks and making sure their back pack’s are fit correctly. Ideally kid’s school bags should not be more than 10-15 percent of their body weight. Ironically in the digital age, they seem to be getting heavier and heavier.

Let’s get your kids performing at their best! With the new year started it’s a great time to take care, and little steps now can help them to have a healthy spine and nervous system for life!

~ Good luck Parnell Cricket Team~

As a practice we are so excited to have been supporting the Parnell Cricket Club in this season. Dr. Simon Kelly is an active sponsor of the club. We have been helping the top premier team stay sharp. Our goal in October was to have them healthier in March, and to not have the usual end of season injuries. Overall, their injuries have greatly dropped, the range of motion, power and flexibility has improved. Simon has also done some workshops with the players to help keep them stay in top shape and help to enhance their performance. We wish them all the best with their upcoming major semi final for the Auckland one day competition. It is this Sunday from 11, against Howick-Pak at Lloyd Elsmore park. Good luck to Brad and the boys! Get down to Lloyd Elsmore park and support the lads if you love cricket as much as we do!

If you have cricketers at home make sure they are coming in for regular checks to keep their spine and nervous system in top shape!

~Family and Friends Day Saturday March 16th!!~

On this day we will be inviting you to bring along any family or friends that may be interested in starting chiropractic care. We will be offering a very special introductory price of $89 for an initial visit, this is normally $260, x-rays will be done where clinically indicated. Contact us to reserve a space, they are limited so get in quick!

All monies are raised for chiropractic research, and our team is giving up their time for this cause. This is an annual even we run and many of our patients have entered the practice and are now in better health because someone who cared about you told you about chiropractic.  

Dr. Brian Kelly will soon be having Achilles surgery. His last day before his operation will be Tuesday 19th of February. He will be returning to see all of his lovely patients on Tuesday the 5th of March.  While he will be resting and recovering, Dr. Simon and Dr. Hayes are here to help all of his patients. Remember, it’s most important to stick to your schedule of care. Whoever will be adjusting you has all of your notes from previous adjustments so each practitioner is well informed on your spine! The most important thing is YOU and making sure you are looking after your spine. We wish Dr. Brian and full and speedy recovery. If this winter Dr. Simon rings you on a Saturday to fill in for his soccer team 20 minutes before kick off, and you have not played in 30 years, it’s probably best to say no.

We have also had a change of hours. We are no longer open on Tuesday mornings. So our new hours are

Monday 7am-11:30am              3pm-6:30pm

Tuesday 3pm-6:30pm

Wednesday 7:30am-11:30am    3pm-6:30pm

Thursday 3pm-6:30pm

Friday  7:30am-12:00pm

Saturday 8:30am- 10:30am

One of the great features we are now able to offer our patients is the ease of online booking. You can sign up online if you are an exiting patient and book when and where suits you!

Click here to book now!