Summer Newsletter

Summer is here!

No doubt everyone agrees this has been a year like no other. One thing that is consistent is the run up to Christmas and the amount of stress it can place on people.  Our advice is play the 10 percent game. Add 10 percent to one of your good habits and take away 10 percent of one of your less wise choices.
As we know there are  many social, work and chemical demands on us at this time of year. So rather than an all or nothing approach, try making a couple of simple changes and within a couple of weeks of just 10 percent on either side of the ledger you can notice significant gains.  This adds up pretty quickly to a decent 20 percent change.  This will allow your body to adapt better and deal with the silly season to ensure you don’t crash come Christmas and holiday time. (For me its 10 percent less carbs and 10 percent more water and stretching, and not to forget those Chiropractic adjustments).

This also works well when we share it with our little people whom are super exhausted coming into December.

Small regular changes in the course of a yachts direction can make a big difference to the port it ends up in.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support this year.  We were genuinely worried in April and May of this year that we would not have a practice to come back to. On behalf of all my team, thank you for making you and your family’s health a priority.

We are truly grateful.

Dr. Simon and team


Sleep was the winner

In wrapping up the year we have reviewed the results of our re-examination visits. These were across an age range of 12 to 86 years with a multitude of different health conditions. These are the forms we ask new people to fill out after four weeks of Chiropractic care.
We reviewed the first 400 cases from 2020 and found the following.
The self-reported improvement out of 10 on a Visual Analogue Scale (1-10) where 1 equals no change, 5 equals some change, and 10 equals a major improvement, resulted in 70% of people rated their improvement as 7 or greater.

Of the 400 cases
17 % reported better mood
40% reported better sleep
18% reported better energy
10% reported better response to stress

These are not bad side effects after four weeks of care, given these were not the primary reason people sought Chiropractic care. Whilst Chiropractic isn’t the treatment for the above, these are the results of a better functioning nervous system that has a major follow on effect in people’s health and lives. If only they could design a pill that could do that!! Id’ rather do it the natural way.