Kids Complimentary Scans this February

Growing Kids Naturally – February 2021

We check their vision hearing and teeth, why not check the master controller of them all – their Nervous System?

As we head back into school and work and the year starts to fire up, we wanted to take the time to share the need for kids to get checked. As adults we face many demands on our spine and nervous system, for children this is compounded as they are growing and developing and facing things for the first time. When we check and adjust children this helps them express their true potential.
Make the most of the opportunity this February to have a complimentary Thermography Scan for your kids or the kids you know. This offer is open to existing patients and kids we have not met yet. Thermography scanning performed at Mt Eden Chiropractic is safe and non-invasive and provides a window into how the nervous system is functioning. It detects hidden patterns of damaging stress, tracks changes and then we observe scans for improving trends.

When we talk about kids potential I have often think of it as the gap between what they are doing now and could be doing. Whether that’s:

the ease with which they learn to cross crawl,
the quality of their balance riding a bike,
their ability to be less fidgety to sit still to read and listen to others,
the strength to their legs and arms to kick or throw a ball,
the ease with which they digest and absorb their nutritious and not so nutritious food.

The possibilities are endless when the nervous system is functioning better. How many times have you noticed post an adjustment your legs get lighter, the strength increase in your arm or your head just feels clearer. Chiropractic raises ones potential. Why not check the master system that runs it all in our little people?.

Contact us at or 096388266. This offer is also open to your friends and family whom are currently not patients so please forward this email on.

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