January Chill

Happy new year


As I write this I am in awe of our beautiful country and how lucky we are to have so many nice places, so few people here and be enjoying this wonderful heat.


My observation over these past two weeks adjusting is the lack of level of stress there is in spinal peoples’ systems.  Typically, we have all exercised a little less, ate a little more but on the positive if people are back at work the intensity has not built up yet.  A comment I have heard frequently is their adjustments feel deeper.  Nothing in my technique has changed and not necessarily the level that we are correcting on you has changed.  It is a classic case of people being more relaxed.  We as a team are often sharing with you all the three ways people get subluxations. The most common question I get is why do these recur.  Simple answer? Stress of some kind that your spine and nervous system could not adapt to.

My challenge I would like to put to you all before Auckland ramps up again with school, work deadlines, kids practices and the myriad of places we have to be and things we have to do, is to try and maintain the January chill for as long as you can.  This will go along way into helping you maintain a healthy spine and nervous system, and if you have just started with us, to help restore your spine and nervous system.  Just think if we wear out our body where will we live?


As you know we have great reading material in our practice.  There are books filled with ideas you may not see in other health practices. This is not by chance.  The byline of our practice is a center of healing to strengthen your body, nourish your mind so you can love your life.   Sharing knowledge with you so you can make a change should you wish is part of our job in health leadership. At this time of year, many of you have shared new-years resolutions with us of things you want to do more or less of.  Check out a book we have called the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  It explores the science behind habit creation and reformation.   This is super powerful in helping you set your health goals to create lasting change rather than just wishful thinking late at night on new-years eve!


Dr Simon