Inflammation and you!

Are you inflamed and you don’t know?

Acute inflammation might happen because we have pulled a muscle in sport or we have cut ourselves. This often brings heat to the affected area and begins the healing process, we may also experience swelling, puss and scabbing. These are all healthy signs that the body is working to heal itself. The difference between acute and chronic inflammation is something that is not often talked about. Inflammation is a natural, healing process in our bodies but when it is long term it can do more damage than good

Chronic inflammation, however is not part of the bodies natural healing process. This is where the bodies blood vessels are constantly dilated and our immune system is on high alert. The body is not designed to work this way. With overactive inflammation this can lead to organ damage and other issues. When in this heightened state of inflammation our white blood cells that are meant to attack foreign invaders and heal us are overactive and may actually make us more susceptible to non-infectious conditions such as cancer. Evidence of chronic inflammation may present itself as asthma, allergies, arthritis or auto immune diseases. All of these have chronic inflammation as a component to them. This type of inflammation may also play a role in cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, different brain diseases, as well as visible signs of aging.

Brain health and inflammation are closely connected. There is also a big connection between our brain and gut. When you are anxious do you notice that you have to use the bathroom more? Or are more irregular when stressed at work? This is the gut-brain axis, and it is much more connected than previously thought. We do find that our patients who eat a more whole foods diet, including good fats, tend to have less inflammation overall.   This has the added benefit of helping hold your adjustments better too.  With the body receiving more whole foods this allows inflammation to decrease and the brain to be fed adequately. Good fats, like avocados, and coconut oils, what are high in Omega’s help to cool and heal the brain from inflammation.

Come and learn ways to help lower your inflammation in your body. Dr Simon will be doing a talk on Wednesday 8th of May. There are limited seats so give us a call to reserve yours! $10 to save a seat, and inflammation reducing snacks will be served!! We hope to see you there! Contact us at 09 6388266 or