Get Your Kids Checked These School Holidays!

Don’t forget the kids checks these holidays!

We hope you are having fun with your kids these holidays.  Don’t forget the holidays are a great time to bring the family in and get everyone checked.  Our kids deal with the stressors like we do physically, emotionally and chemically, and quite often these are more compounded in our little people.

Emotionally it was a pretty stop start term one with floods and public holidays, people getting use to the new school routine, and we noticed kids were very tired by the end of it.

Whilst we all love an Easter egg and a hot cross bun, all that sugar contributes to tightening of spinal muscles and further subluxation patterns, along with other sugars and processed foods.

If our kids are not outside playing they tend to be hunched over on screens and devices.  This alone is a great reason to have them check-up these school holidays.  And let’s not forget the heavy school bags and long car rides with all the sitting and slouching – if you have been lucky enough to get away.  More and more parents are mentioning to us they are noticing their kids posture deteriorating with technology use. You can check for forward head carriage by lining up the hole of the ear with the center of the shoulder on the side view of your kids.

So make the most of your kids health  these school holidays and upcoming teacher only days and Anzac day afternoon. Dr. Hayes and I are on deck for the duration of the school holidays – we are also open this Saturday April 15th 8:30-10:30am and every second Saturday thereafter.

If you have never had your kids checked its super easy.  Just schedule a time with our front desk team.  If you are in your first two weeks of stating with us this is complimentary, and ongoing regular family visits are just $150 for your whole family two and adults and all kids  under 18.

Happy Holidays

Dr. Simon and the Mt Eden Chiropractic team