Christmas Newsletter

What a wonderful summer it looks like we are going to have.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a big thank you for choosing our practice for your Chiropractic care. As always, I hope you are feeling more healthy this December than you were last December despite ticking over another birthday!


We have had a very busy year and implemented many changes to the practice. We have seen the successful implementation of our online booking system which has proved to be very well used over the past 12 months.  In August we moved to electronic patient records after 16 years of doing it old school. Our ACC filling and billing system has also moved electronic.  This has led to faster handling of patients’ response time if they have been accepted for their injuries or require an extension to their claim. In October, we completed a successful triannual audit from the NRL (National Radiation Laboratory) that our machine and systems were tip top.


Dr. Hayes and I continue to speak to business and community groups on the health crisis we are facing with regards to the models of health in front of them and the procrastination people face in taking care of themselves.  We are seeing more and more Aucklanders’ under growing levels of stress.  Our presentations cover potential solutions they can take and we tailor them to the audience.  These were very well received in 2019.  Let us know whom in your organizations we need to contact so we can help more of the people you know. Contact for more information.


A big thank you from Dr. Brian and I for the kind thoughts, words and prayers we received recently.  In October, we lost our dear mum to Alzheimer’s disease.  She was a remarkable woman.  She was married 55 years, raised five kids, was a helper of sports teams and community groups and worked full time. She taught us the magic of people. How to be kind to them, to be loyal to them and how to make people smile. Our little mum Janette was the most magic of them all.


This year we say farewell to some amazing staff members and welcome two new members to our team. We wish Aria Dooner well as she heads off on her OE via Sydney into the new year and we welcome Bea Cathcart whom has just returned from London where she worked in Chiropractic for two years.










In sending one to Ozzie we have also gained an Ozzie.  Kim Fairfax joins us from Melbourne. Kim is new to Chiropractic and Auckland so please make her welcome and give her a hard time.

We are super excited to wish Lydia happy graduation in becoming Dr. Lydia McLean. Lydia responded to an ad for one off baby sitting job 7 years ago.  She became our Family nanny right up until this week and worked as our Saturday assistant for the past 3 years whilst she has been a student.  She won just about every award a Chiropractic student could win.  Good Luck Lydia you will be an asset to the Chiropractic profession and we will miss you dearly.

Xmas hours and gifts

If you are looking for a gift idea this Christmas how about supporting your loved ones by getting them into Chiropractic. We are offering gift vouchers for our new patient consultations, spinal scans and Spinal X-rays.  This visit is normally $280 but you can purchase these for $79 prior to Christmas only to be used into the new year.  We will donate these fees to the Auckland City Mission.

If you would like to contribute to others via a gift of a toy or non-perishable food item, Mt Eden Chiropractic is registered with the Auckland City Mission.  Just place it under our Christmas tree in reception and we will ensure it gets to them by the evening of December 23.

If you are not out of Auckland and want to maintain you program of care and stay sharp over the Christmas break we are here.  If you want to get adjusted whilst you are out of Auckland we can arrange a travel card with your details at a local Chiropractor whom we know, just let us know.


Opening hours over the Holiday period:

23rd 7:30-11:30am   3:00-6:15pm

Closed 24th-29th

30th 3:00-6:00pm

Closed 1st-2nd

3rd   7:30am-12pm

Closed 4th

We will resume normal hours on the 6th of January


Be kind to your body and our world this summer. If we wear them out where will we go?


Merry Christmas and go the Black caps.

Dr. Simon & Staff.