Chiropractic Care a No Brainer

Chiropractic Care a No Brainer

This month month we are focusing on the relationship between the spine and brain.  A 2015 study in Denmark measuring brain recordings using 64 electroencephalograms (EEGs) found that after a chiropractic session it showed a change in brain function of almost 20 percent! This was the fourth time this study had been repeated. This goes to show how getting adjusted helps your brain function. These changes most regularly occurred in the prefrontal cortex. This part of your brain is where your executive functions take place, it acts like the master conductor . It’s the part of the brain that helps with goal directed tasks, autonomic function, decision making, movement control, intelligence, eye movements, memory and attention, spatial awareness, processing of pain and our emotional responses to it. This can explain many previous results achieved through chiropractic care research. For me it just makes sense to keep the master conductor working at its best whether I am a student, a sportsperson or a CEO.

Parnell Cricket Club wins 2020/2021 Jeff Crowe Cup Auckland Premier One day Competition again this month.
Congratulations to the most well-adjusted team in the league. Since Mt Eden Chiropractic’s sponsorship from 2018-19 to current they have won the cup twice, been runner up and won the Hedley-Howarth 2 day competition and won Auckland Crickets 2019-2020 Club of the Year Simmonds and Osbourne Trophy. Perhaps success leaves clues!

ANZAC Weekend Hours 
Saturday April 24   8:30am-10am
Monday April 26     Closed 
Tuesday April 27    8:30-10:30am 3-6:30pm


Thank you to Dr. Woodman for his Stress talk on the 14th of April.
By popular demand Dr. Hayes shared  his strategies on how to beat stress naturally again. He taught us what we need to know to nourish our bodies, mindset strategies and ways to offset stress in our lives. This has proven to be a popular workshop he has conducted at Air New Zealand, 2 Degrees and American Express and is also available for your workplace.


Thank you for all your support for our recent Family and Friends day fundraiser for Chiropractic Research and the many great people you introduced to our practice. A special thank you to Klaudia Lozica our March referrer of the month whom won a Shoe Science voucher.

Enjoy your long ANZAC weekend.

Dr. Simon and team