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About Us

Established 2003

Mt Eden Chiropractic

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Mt Eden area since 2003. We want the community to embrace a vitalistic lifestyle with Chiropractic being a central feature of that. The more families, companies and sports teams who share a higher state of nervous system function is the sort of community we want to live in.


Run / walk group on Saturday mornings.


Healthy living, raising drug free kids, longevity and anti ageing, nutrition and mindfulness.


In-house digital x-ray.


Such as family open day with fun for the kids, and Round the Bays.


Million meters in May challenge.


Objective measures of nervous system function including Thermography, Surface Electro myography (sEMG) and Heart rate variability.

Family Friendly

Play area for kids, and a change table for babies. Family appointments available.

I love the area, it’s where I first lived as a student when studying chiropractic. The best advice I had was start a practice in an area you love.

Dr Simon Kelly

Our Objective is Simple

We are dedicated to clinical excellence and outstanding service. Our goal is to make this the finest experience and most fun a family can have in regard to their healthcare. We want to be your centre of healing where you can strengthen your body, nourish your mind and so you can love your life.


Our Mt Eden staff are caring, interested in people, highly trained, dedicated, fun and inspiring to be around. We have advanced training in:

The Mt Eden Chiropractic Pledge

We are constantly striving to provide you with the finest chiropractic experience possible – it is our pledge that whenever you visit our centre we will:

Amaze you with outstanding service that’s second to none.

Give you a reason to smile and you’ll feel important and special.

Provide safe, natural, chiropractic wellness care that works!

Constantly be searching for the latest information and research to nourish your mind and improve your health.

Understand that your time is valuable and important!

Listen to what is important to you.

Care for your family like they are our family.

Strengthen your body and nourish your mind, so you can love your life!

Keeping Your Body at its Best.

Our goal is to make this the finest experience and the most fun a family can have in regard to their healthcare.