10 Lessons From the Past 20 years 2003 -2023

This month we celebrate 20 years here since the opening of Mt Eden Chiropractic. On reflection I’ve learnt a few key lessons of people, health and society in general.


#1. Family Care

When a family get adjusted regularly it is one of their only positive health visits they all have together. For example typically in a medical setting a family is gathered together to receive bad news for a family member.  In a Chiropractic setting for wellness care, it is a positive patient led affair where the people are seeking to move toward a space of health and wellness.  These are by far some of the more humorous visits we have, with kids competing for whom has the least amount of subluxations and taking the mickey out of their parents that their legs don’t raise as high as theirs in a check.  The families that have done this over the long hall have wonderful connections with each other and it helps build other positive health habits within kids and the parents.


#2. Beneficiaries to Billionaires

Over the years we have seen every type of person from all walks of life.  What I know with certainty is everyone has a spine and a nervous system and without both we would cease to exist.  Whilst peoples post codes and holidays may differ, humans share the same need to be free; free of pain, free of inhibition, free of limitations that don’t allow you to express your best self.  Subluxations in your system can be subtle with no symptoms to severe and all-encompassing that seriously limit your ability to express yourself.  Whilst money might be able to buy you more visits, it can’t buy you more time.  And those that have invested in their health over the long hall through having their nervous system checked regularly have far better quality of life than the people whom have decided to prioritise other things in front of their health!  Health is foundational. It is the basis for everything we do and every interaction we can have.


#3.  People who get adjusted regularly link it to their highest values

People whom choose to get checked on a regular rhythm do so because it makes their life easier and more enjoyable. This is never more true than is the business person whom wants to be sharp for important meetings or deals. The mum whom doesn’t want to react to ankle biters by 5pm at the end of the day because she is exhausted, yet adjustments make her feel more at ease. The grandparent whom has experienced adjustments over the past 10-20 years which has helped them stay active with the kids and grandkids, plus given them a much fuller more content life than those in their circle whom have not chosen to build good health habits over time.


#4. Miracles happen, expect them

Whilst I can’t promise them, when the nervous system is compromised, particularly close to the brain stem the body cannot function as nature intended.  I have seen some serious neurological effects from this that have not responded to any other type of healthcare.  The most common are people whom have experienced strokes even in new-borns. When vertebral subluxations are present in stroke patients, they cause ongoing maladaptive neuroplastic changes in the central nervous system.

One of the greatest ways to wake up the central nervous system when it has been damaged is to analyse the spine for vertebral subluxations and correct them. In doing so I have seen motor impairments improve where patients had otherwise plateaued from their traditional treatment. But how? In the words of Chiropractic Researcher Dr Kelly Holt (DC, PhD),

“chiropractic spinal adjustments can alter paraspinal mechanical afferent input, as well as central somatosensory processing, sensorimotor integration, and motor control, not only relating to spinal motor control, but also of the limbs, pelvic floor muscles, and even jaw muscles. Sensorimotor integration is the ability of the CNS to produce appropriate motor output by integrating sensory inputs from the body and environment. It is essential for learning a new motor skill and re-learning lost motor skills following an injury. Considering that people with chronic stroke have significant issues with sensorimotor integration and motor control, chiropractic spinal adjustments may have the potential to enhance neural plasticity, sensorimotor integration, and motor recovery following a stroke”.


#5. People value their health more once they have lost it

Whilst I wish this wasn’t the case, it’s true. In seeing thousands and thousands of people it is an easy conclusion that if you ignore your health it will go away! Our habits make us, both the good and the not so good. For some of us it takes a crisis to get the rocket we need to get things back in the right direction. I have seen people get back on track and use chiropractic care regularly for greater wellbeing, get exercising, and buy food that is from nature not a packet, when previously none of these were part of their life.


#6. Tell young people how great they are

Society has kicked the guts out of our young people, particularly over the last five years.  With all the pressure of social media, getting unwanted attention even when you are not at school, secondary schools turning into PR machines for themselves and placing more pressure on kids. Life is a little different to when I grew up.  Every day I look out the window and see young people walking on Mt Eden Road to and from Auckland Grammar buried in screens as they walk. I think it would be great to look up, see past a 2 inch screen, get some air in the lungs, take some weight off your neck and maybe just get bored or even present while walking to school. Who knows, it may even make someone feel better about being themselves.  There is even more need now than ever for this age group to have chiropractic care and to positively affirm how great they and their amazing bodies are at getting them through life.


#7. Set health goals

One of my main messages since 2003 at my regular health classes that I hold is to set a road map for how you want to age. What are your goals for the different stages of your life.  What do you want to be doing physically and mentally and with who?  The people I’ve seen embrace this whom are still under our regular care and some of the most fulfilled and vital 70-80 year olds you will meet. In turn they have inspired me to live a healthier and more active life.  I received a call during level 4 lockdown from an 84 year old women whom we have looked after since we opened. She had a fall in the lounge as she tripped over her stationary bike and she wanted to be adjusted asap!


#8. Tech is great, but it won’t beat nature

Whilst I love the gym, some days it is easier with work and life not to even go outside.  Let’s keep things simple with exercise. There are so many apps and headphones floating around but people are missing out on the beauty of nature. It’s free it’s right there and you don’t need the password to the wifi..


#9. Gratitude is everything

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” Without doubt one of the best things of the past 20 years is the people I have met. From amazing patients and especially my amazing team members, both chiropractic assistants and chiropractors.  We have had many laughs, seminars and learnings, miracles and lessons.  My gratitude for the people whom have made this practice what it is are difficult to put into words.  Thank you.


#10 Get more people to chiropractic school and into chiropractic care

We have a health system that is a mess. It’s costly and it’s getting worse. Governments don’t want to pay for it in full and eventually insurance companies won’t either, so either the public or private model of this ambulance at the bottom of the cliff model is going to fail us at some point.  The solution has to be healthier people over a longer period of time.  It starts when we are young, it is about our habits and our lifestyle and it is not a wellness fad. Eat well, move well, be a part of your community, keep out the needless medication and get adjusted.  In essence – strengthen your body, nourish your mind so you can love your life.